What are SoundCrowd’s COVID policies?

Please visit https://soundcrowd.ca/sing-with-us/ to review all COVID policies for in-person rehearsing and performing. All policies are subject to change based on up-to-date research and government mandates that will most likely evolve as the year progresses.

How many people are you looking for?

Each year we look to fill up to 80 spots in SoundCrowd. 10-14 of those will form the Performance Team.

What is the commitment level to be in SoundCrowd?

SoundCrowd rehearses from 7:30-9:30pm on Tuesdays from September-June at Knox Presbyterian, with the Performance Team running semi-regular rehearsals TBD. The Full Choir is expected to work on their material at home once learned in order to be prepared for upcoming rehearsals and performances. The Performance Team works with our AD and/or our choreographer on gig material, as well as rehearsing with the full choir from 7:30-9:30 pm.

What are the membership fees? 

In an effort to be accessible to all, membership fees for SoundCrowd are $250, and $300 for the Performance Team.

What is the Performance Team?

The Performance Team is a core group of 10-14 of our up-to-80 singers who will comprise our solo roster for the year, attend Full Choir rehearsals, work more closely with our AD and Choreographer in Performance Team-only rehearsals, and perform at outside gigs not included in SoundCrowd’s official season, e.g. media events, corporate functions (which is why a flexible schedule is beneficial to be considered for the Performance Team). They will also be considered section leaders for the rest of the choir, so any musical questions can be brought to them for clarification.

If I’m not on the Performance Team, will there be options to perform at outside events?

Definitely! Depending on the needs of the client, they may want a large group of singers. In that case, we will open up the event to anyone in the group who wishes to attend.

If I wanted to get on the Performance Team but didn’t, can I try again?

Absolutely! The Performance Team is auditioned and comprised of different choir members each year. Previous PT members will have to re-audition if they wish to be reconsidered for a spot, and new members are always welcome to audition.

Is the an opportunity to sing solos?

The Performance Team will comprise our solo roster for the year, and we also try to have at least one event per year in which the rest of the choir can showcase their solo talents if they so decide (eg. Cabarets).

I’m not sure I can be there every week. Can I still be in SoundCrowd?

There will be an attendance policy in place that allows you the flexibility to miss up to 3 rehearsals before each main concert. Any more than that will require a discussion with the AD to determine your readiness for any upcoming performances.

Will there be any SoundCrowd commitments following our end-of-year concert?

If performance opportunities that come up in the summer following our end-of-year concert, they will be volunteer-based with whoever is available and interested, and will be comprised of the current season’s members. Anyone auditioning for SoundCrowd for the first time that summer will not start their commitments until September.