Do you love contemporary a cappella? Are you a singer looking for a great musical community? This is the page for you! Everyone of all ages and from all walks of life is welcome to submit to SoundCrowd, there are no restrictions. You can send an audition video to us at any time to be considered for the group.

– What do I need to prepare? – A video of yourself (1-2 minutes) performing any pop or rock song that YOU do well. It doesn’t have to be a cappella – you can sing along to a track. Pick something that shows you off the best and go for it!

– What are the expectations? – To be considered for a placement in SoundCrowd, you should have a working knowledge of music and be able to hold your own vocally. No formal training is required, but the ability to read music is an asset. If you would also like to be considered for solos and/or small groups you’ll need to be able to have a strong singing voice, a decent ear, the ability to move well and possess a flexible schedule. Formal training in music and/or performance is a definite asset.

Once you’ve uploaded your audition (unlisted setting), please submit your YouTube link to When the Artistic Director has reviewed your video he will contact you to book an interview over Zoom, which may potentially include: an informal discussion with the creative team; ear testing; brief sight reading; singing your chosen song live.

Break a leg, and have fun!

It is strongly recommended that all members of SoundCrowd are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are up-to-date with their boosters, especially moving into cold & flu season.
SoundCrowd utilizes a masking-optional format for rehearsals and performances. What this means:
– members are welcome to attend rehearsals and performances masked or unmasked throughout the choir year as they see fit for their own comfort level
– members are committed to the consideration of others’ health, safety and comfort levels, and will report any potential COVID symptoms prior to attending any rehearsals or performances
– the use of at-home rapid tests will continue to help determine if any member is COVID-positive and should stay at home
– any member who plans to attend rehearsal if feeling under-the-weather should wear a mask and sit/stand at a distance from others until symptoms improve
– Zoom will continue to be used for those wishing to stay at home, however, an Attendance Policy will still apply during each season
– if a case of COVID is reported by a SoundCrowd member, members may have to mask for a few rehearsals until it is determined that a COVID spread within the group is no longer a threat
– self-testing on concert days will remain good practice for peace of mind when performing
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at