Interested in joining SoundCrowd? Are you a singer, beat boxer or vocal percussionist? This is the page for you! Everyone of all ages and from all walks of life is welcome to submit, there are no restrictions. And even after we close audition submissions for the season you can still send an audition video to us at any time to be considered in the future.

– What do I need to prepare? – A video of yourself (2-3 minutes) performing any pop or rock song that YOU do well. It doesn’t have to be a cappella – you can sing or beat box along to a track. Pick something that shows you off the best and go for it! Please specify in your submission if you would also like to be considered for the Performance Team.

– What are the expectations? – To be considered for the Full Ensemble, you should have a working knowledge of music and be able to hold your own vocally. No formal training is required, but the ability to read music is an asset. If you would also like to be considered for the Performance Team you’ll need to be able to read music, have a strong singing voice, a decent ear, the ability to move well and possess a flexible schedule. Formal training in music and/or performance is a definite asset.

Once you’ve uploaded your audition (unlisted setting), please submit your YouTube link to When the Artistic Director has reviewed your video he will contact you to book an interview over Zoom, which may potentially include: an informal discussion with the creative team; ear testing; brief sight reading; singing your chosen song live.

Break a leg, and have fun!

The safety of our membership is of the utmost importance as we transition back to in-person singing, and as such we are implementing COVID policies and procedures that we will be adhering to until further notice.
  1. Anyone wishing to sing in-person with SoundCrowd will be required to be double vaccinated for the safety of all. For those who cannot join in-person for whatever reason, we will also offer Zoom participation for rehearsals.
  2. Masks will be required for in-person singing, both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Physical distancing of 6 feet between each singer will be required for all in-person singing, both indoor and outdoor. Singers will be given specific placements and are asked to go immediately to their designated spot when they arrive and exit directly from their designated spot when the rehearsal has concluded. If anyone needs to use the washroom or exit the rehearsal space for whatever reason they may do so at any time, so long as they return immediately to their designated spot.
  4. Socializing and “hanging out” in the rehearsal space, both indoor and outdoor, will not be permitted for the time being. When rehearsals are concluded, members are to vacate the rehearsal space immediately and refrain from blocking any entrances of the building to socialize. Any social activity may occur before or after rehearsal outside of the rehearsal space, however we remind the membership that as we are all members of a larger community it is our responsibility to diligently adhere to COVID safety measures on our own time as well as in the rehearsal space for the safety of all.
  5. Proper hand sanitization techniques are highly encouraged. Members may bring their own hand sanitizer, and some will be provided as well.
  6. For indoor rehearsals, things will look a bit differently for the time being. To allow for proper air exchange to occur, we will be rehearsing for shorter period of time in smaller groups. Eg. Group A’s rehearsal will start at 7:30pm sharp and end at 8:20pm, at which point everyone will vacate the rehearsal space to allow for proper air exchange to occur. Group B’s rehearsal will start at 8:40pm sharp and end at 9:30pm. We will most likely rotate or alternate times between groups.
    1. (For our rehearsals at Berkeley Castle in September we will all be present for the full two hours as we will be physically distanced and masked outside.)
*Please note that some of these policies and procedures may evolve and change as the season progresses based on reported numbers and government mandates, understanding that some portions of the season may temporarily move online if deemed necessary. We will always update members with any changes that occur to our rehearsal process with as much time as possible. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.
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